Shadow Tech



Enter — Hyper Angst


In the Era

of the

Terminally Online

The growing optimist nihilism movement is turning our seeming inability to escape the digital world into an exploration of a new reality. Hyper Angst is both anxiety and curiosity in the wake of extremely fast technological innovation.

In social media, it led to creative movements like corecore, that mixes disconnected references of sadness, silliness and nihilism to reflect the dominance of the digital in our reality. In the editorial world, models are captured in the process of taking photos of themselves, emphasizing the tension between digital performance and IRL existence.

In media, Netflix favorites such as the film Missing makes use of digital-native forms to narrate a story in which technology both endangers and *spoiler* saves the protagonist. 

Hyper Angst invites us to utilize emerging technologies to inspire introspection and explore the boundless possibilities of an ever-expanding digital frontier.

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